Here's what we created. The mp3 are taken from the EP "Lovin' Skol Live Forlì", the first SKOL's live show.
The burning was made with a poor tape-recorder plugged to the mixer.
The sound-check was so made to the live show and not to help the burning. That's why it came out a so bad registration...But it's all we have, so we'll give you.
Intro   mp3  
Here I Am Testo mp3 In your life there's always a hand of a friend.
Disagio   mp3  
Fly Testo mp3 How many times did you dream about flying away from everyone and everything? You're not the only one.
Tzili's Song Testo mp3 You wasted a love. Will you recover it? (From a true story. Poor Tzili...)
The One I Hate Testo mp3 This song is for that one that you really can't stand...
Spin Testo mp3 A song that give you energy to go on through and against everything.
Solo Una Creatura Testo mp3 Some people enclose the sense of their life in poor ideals and premanifactured ideas. But it's not enaugh for me.



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